Anonymous asked:

stop acting like anyone begs you to support twisted. people are doing great without lacey porter fans. we don't need you.

ravenbabe321 answered:

Check out those ratings without Lacey Porter fans and get back to me on that, dumb ass. It just kills you people that Dacey made the show and Janny ruined it.  And that your special snowflake leader Jo Masterson has a smaller fanbase than Queen Lacey Porter. 

ESPN is featuring the story of a black athlete from the hood who was taken in by a surrogate family. They nurtured him through high school and helped him get into a major college. Their love and care is the reason he is headed to a career in the NFL. THE FAMILY IS BLACK *dances around in my living room as confetti rains down on me* I just KNEW it was going to be another white savior sports story. I’m so fucking relieved.